Step By Step

Here we explain in simple step by step detail what is required in order to make your Vehicle ready for interstate car transport within Australia.

Prior to Pick-Up of your Vehicle:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good driving condition, has a charged battery and fully-inflated tyres and no outstanding mechanical problems. Your vehicle must have working brakes and handbrake, seats and all glass in-tact and the body of the vehicle should be in good condition. If there are any special instructions for starting and driving your vehicle please let us know.
    Charges may apply for futile collections or cars deemed non-drivable. 
  • Check your fuel – the fuel tank should be approximately 1/4 full.
  • Top up all fluids in the car.
  • If the car is a convertible please ensure the top is thoroughly secured to avoid damage from air, moisture or debris.
  • Car Nut has a policy of not transporting vehicles if they contain personal items or dangerous goods. Remove all your personal items from the vehicle (including vehicle spare parts and loose items that are not part of the standard vehicle when purchased such as blankets, tools, boxes and cartons, electrical items, liquid containers, cans, sunglasses, compact discs, satellite navigation devices and portable music and video equipment. Properly secured baby seats, the factory fitted spare tyre, tools and jack are permitted and can remain in the vehicle. Check compartments such as glove box, console, CD stacker, boot etc.
  • Remove or deactivate any toll tags and parking passes on your car.
  • Make sure there are no dangerous goods in the vehicle such as all forms of ammunition, flares, firearms, and flammable gases and liquids such as BBQ gas bottles, fire-lighters and aerosols.
  • Disable any non-factory alarm or immobiliser. If you can’t then give the driver detailed written instructions on how to turn off the alarm system if it is triggered.
  • Please remove weather shields, rear window louvres and removable aerials, as well as any specialty items like fog lights, ground effects or spoilers. Notify us of any modifications to the vehicle i.e. roof racks, bull bar, running boards fitted, if the vehicle has been lowered, spoilers fitted, height pack fitted etc. Vehicles must have a minimum ground clearance of 150mm.  We need to know for loading that the factory dimensions of the vehicle have not altered.
  • Fold back mirrors.
  • Make sure you have all keys ready to hand over – we need to have access to doors, ignition and the boot for pre-transport inspection and during transport.
  • If you are transporting a car to Perth or Western Australia, you need to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned before it is picked up by the driver or dropped off at our depot so it will pass WA’s quarantine regulations to prevent the introduction of exotic pests, diseases and weeds found in other Australian states and territories. The car needs to be completely free of mud, plant material and insects, including the windscreen, wiper well, grill, radiator core, carpets, mats, axles and diffs and under wheel arches. Quarantine Risk Material includes the substances such as plants, flowers, seeds, hay, soil, honey, insects, nuts, food scraps, fruit or vegetable packaging etc.
  • All vehicles being transported into Western Australia or Tasmania are subject to AQIS quarantine inspection.
    To avoid delays and additional fees and fines, please ensure that your vehicle is cleaned prior to departure. If your vehicle fails a quarantine inspection you will be required to pay to have your vehicle cleaned to a satisfactory standard for entry into the state and $150 for re-inspection by a Quarantine Western Australia (QWA) or Tasmanian officer before your vehicle can be released to you.
  • Someone needs to be present when the car is picked up and delivered. At pick-up, you or your representative needs to sign a vehicle survey condition report and give the keys to our driver. At delivery, you or someone representing you needs to check the vehicle’s condition, sign the condition form and take the keys back.
  • CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Cancellations before the date of the transport will incur a cancellation fee of $150.00. In the event of a cancellation we will refund the balance after our fee to your Credit Card or Bank Account. If cancellation is made within 3 business days of pickup, the entire booking charge is non-refundable.  It is at the sole discretion of the Car Nut Transport Manager should a fee be reduced for any reason.
  • To dispute any Credit Card payments please call us on 03 9016 3821.

The Driver or Depot will complete an inspection report with you before your car is moved. In the instances where Car Nut Transport uses the services of a contracted carrier you are bound by the individual contracted carriers terms and conditions. Please refer to their individual terms and conditions of carriage and warranty details. A copy of which is usually found on the reverse side of their condition report and/or transit paperwork. Or you can request a copy from Car Nut Transport.

To view Car Nut Transports terms and conditions please visit the following link – Terms & Conditions